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You need to register on our website if you want to participate in one of our auctions, if you want to offer us or request an item, or if you want to use any extras, such as the watchlist.
Registering on our website is free of charge. You will only incur costs once you submit a binding offer and your bid is successful.
Your phone number can be verified manually later. Please contact our customer support: +49 211 4227370.
A buyer's premium is to be calculated on top of the hammer price, the amount of which is shown on the respective item pages. Depending on the item description, dismantling and loading costs may be invoiced additionally. VAT does not apply to companies from EU member states that have a valid VAT identification number and do not buy in their own country. VAT is not charged for buyers from non-EU member states, provided the export is carried out correctly. In some European countries, a deposit equal to the VAT of the respective country will be charged on the commercial invoice. Once the delivery documents have been returned after delivery, the deposit will be refunded. Please do not hesitate to consult our staff before making a purchase.
In order to bid on our site, you must simply register and accept the special auction conditions prior to taking part in an auction.
If you cannot log into our website, please use our forgotten password service. If you still have problems with logging in, please contact our customer service team:+49 211 – 4227370.
This is possible as long as the item has no bids at the moment. Please contact the responsible contact person.
The bid agent activates automatically for you. Simply enter your maximum bid into the bid field and the system will place bids at the specified increments. Example: the current highest bid is €15,000, the next minimum bid is €16,000 – this uses increments of €1,000 for your bids. If you are willing to spend a maximum of €20,000 on the item, enter €20,000 into the bid field and the bid agent will place your bids for you in €1,000 increments.
You will usually receive an invoice by email on the same day of the auction. If an auction lasts for 2 days or longer, you may receive your invoice on the last day of the auction. Once the invoice has been paid, you will receive from us a collection address and timeframe in which to collect the item. As a rule, you are responsible for organising the transport; however our staff will gladly send you a transport offer on request.
You can pay amounts up to 2,000 € via PayPal or by credit card. Once signed-in, you will find your invoices under “My Account” > “My Invoices”. Here is the link in case you would like to pay via PayPal. You will find all bank account data necessary for a transfer on your invoice. You can add your credit cards (MasterCard and Visa) to make payments as well under “Payment methods” in your profile. Online payment is not currently possible for articles from France, Switzerland and Spain.
In order to receive an invoice with 0% VAT, in addition to a valid VAT ID number, documents for the tax offices (delivery receipts) in the respective countries are also required. In the following countries, a deposit in the amount of the respective VAT is currently required: Poland, United Kingdom, Slovakia, Belgium, Austria, Czech Republic, Romania, Hungary, Slovenia, Finland, Sweden as well as Croatia. For buyers from outside the EU, it is only necessary to provide proof of the correct closed export documents. For all other sales, a fully completed CMR document, the transport invoice from an independent transport company and proof of payment of the transport invoice are required for the refund of the deposit. Furthermore, if free roulette carries out the transport of the goods, only the CMR document is required for the refund of the deposit. Depending on the requirements of the country from which the goods are sold, the CMR document is also sometimes required by post with original signature and stamp. After successful verification of the documents, the deposit will be refunded or, at the customer's request, held in the customer's account for future purchases.
The collection timeframe is generally stipulated in the special auction conditions or in the item description.
The premium to be paid corresponds to the remuneration owed to an industrial auction house for its representation activities and it is indicated on the respective article pages. The buyer must take the buyer's premium into account for the overall calculation of the price.
Some of our machines cannot be tested by our project managers since they are not in a position to power the device. In cases such as these, we will be unable to guarantee the functionality of the item.
Reserve prices have been set for certain items in the auction! If the reserve prices have not been reached, the contractor will be informed of the highest bids. He will then decide whether the items will be sold at the prices achieved. If the contractor / seller agrees to the sale at the current highest bid or proposes a different price, the highest bidder will be informed of this within two working days. The highest bidder remains bound to his bid until 48 hours after the end of the auction of the item he has bid for, regardless of whether he has been contacted or not. If the minimum price has not yet been reached for an item, this is noted in the bidding window.
Top lot: Articles with personal recommendation.
Hot lot: Articles with high demand (at least 10 bids).
Tip: attractive price-performance ratio.
Please note that we are generally unable to issue proofs of origin and preference certificates such as EUR-1 or declarations of origin on the invoice for the items in the auction, as we do not have the legally required preliminary documents for this. The unauthorised issuance and application of preference certificates constitute tax evasion or aiding and abetting tax evasion.
Technical papers or documents and (further) accessories are not necessarily included in the scope of delivery. They are only included if specified in the item description. If you have any questions in this regard, we recommend that you contact the responsible project manager.
D+V includes: picking, dismantling, packing, removing, loading, securing the load, documentation. Please note: we only load onto the truck and the goods are prepared for this purpose alone. Sea freight packing and container stowage must be organised at the seaport. The dismantling teams on site support the collector in securing the load. The collector must provide suitable load securing equipment.
This means that the dismantling and loading costs are mandatory. This is because these costs are part of the general project costs. Therefore, they are incurred regardless of the hammer price and the type of collection. This means that they are also estimated for self-collectors. This is because if, for example, the loading and load securing is done by the customer, preceding work phases have been carried out, such as disassembly and packaging.
D+V costs are heavily influenced by local conditions, regional price structures and, last but not least, by actual expenditure. It may be the case that similar items have different D+V costs, e.g. if item 1 was processed with significantly more work than item 2.
The same applies to completely different items. Occasionally, a supposedly “light" item may have higher D+V costs than a supposedly "complex" item.
For certain items, free roulette offers you two options for dismantling the machine. If you chose not to use our option, it will be delivered "ex foundation". "Ex foundation" means that you are responsible for dismantling and loading the machine onto your vehicle. Industrial trucks and tools are not provided on site and you will need to organise this yourself.
The D+V costs can (generally) always be seen for each item at the start of the auction and are always added to the hammer price. So please take the D+V costs into account in your bids.
Generally, you are responsible for organising the transport. Upon request, we will be happy to check whether we can ship the auctioned goods for you.
It is not possible to combine goods from different locations. For liability reasons, the goods must be loaded directly at the location.
You will find the scheduled collection timeframe in the special auction conditions. After receipt of payment, the responsible employee will inform you about the exact collection slots and arrange a collection appointment with you.
"Loaded on truck / free-on-truck" means for you as a customer that our team at the loading point prepares the proper collection by a forwarding agent and loads the goods onto the vehicle provided by you. We would also be happy to carry out the transport for you, so please contact us before the auction or shortly after the purchase of the goods.
If the goods are suitable for parcel shipment, you will receive a corresponding shipping offer.
The obligation to provide evidence varies depending on the country in which the item is located. If there is no extended specific information in the special auction conditions, the obligation to provide evidence according to the currently applicable EU regulation applies.
In general, export in foreign trade refers to the cross-border sale of goods or services from the home country to a foreign country. If the places of loading and unloading are in the EU, no export is necessary. If the places of loading and unloading are located in two different economic areas, export is required. free roulette carries out an export control for all items which are sold to a third country. As a rule, the export documents are prepared by free roulette. free roulette also usually carries out the application for export licences if these are necessary. If for legal reasons the customs formalities have to be carried out on your behalf, free roulette will be happy to assist you. The export papers are either available directly when the goods are loaded or must be obtained from a customs agent after the goods have been inspected by customs (also called multi-stop). Further information will be provided prior to collection of the goods. Compliance with import regulations, application for import permits, and preparation of transit documents are the responsibility of the buyer.
You can offer your machines by sending an email with photographs and technical data to A member of our team will contact you shortly afterwards.
One-stop shopping. Whether seller or buyer, free roulette takes care of professional dismantling, invoicing process, customs inspection, document composition and timely processing. And in more than 20 languages!

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