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Used machines for the food & beverage industry 2 Items
BOSCH PACK 301 IN Inverted Horizontal Flow Wrapper
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Dimensions (l x w x h) approx. 4,677 x 1,250 x 2,155 mm
Year of manufacture 2019
Weight approx. 1 kg
Item available from immediately
Delivery terms FCA Manastiur, loaded on truck
Manastiur Romania, 307275 Manastiur
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KNAUER GM12006 Umpackanlage Multipack Food Industry
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Dimensions (l x w x h) approx. 13,000 x 2,500 x 2,500 mm
Year of manufacture 2011
Weight approx. 10,000 kg
Item available from immediately
Delivery terms FCA Windischeschenbach, loaded on truck
Windischeschenbach Germany, 92670 Windischeschenbach
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  1. Machines in the food industry
  2. Areas of application and examples in the food industry
  3. Brand names and manufacturers in the food industry
Used machinery for the food industry 01

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An important industrial sector is the food industry. In order to ensure that the high demand for food is met, a whole row of machines is required. Special machines for the preparation of food are available, as well as machines used to package food. A lot of the time, semi automatic or fully automatic solutions are put in place. These are usually complemented with machines used for transportation and the handling of food. Free programmable packaging lines work with various machines and commonly include CNC operated buckling arm robots, fully automatic pallet wrappers, automatic cardboard container erectors, melt adhesive systems, scissor lift tables and conveyor belts.
  • Machines used to produce enough food in relation to the high demand
  • Machines used for preparation and packaging
  • Most machines are semi automatic or fully automatic
check1 Quality  check2 Great offers  check3 Personalized Labelling machines usually complete the packaging lines, so that it is possible to completely finish the end products. For the industrial food processing industry there is a variety of machines used for mixing and comminution, as well as cutting, chopping, rubbing, and separating foodstuffs using sieves and filters. These mechanical processes require thermal, biological and chemical processes. Special machines include those used in slaughtering, the dairy industry, baking and the drinks industry for the efficient industrial production of food in large quantities. Additionally, special cleaning systems are also offered; the type depends on where it will be implemented. Cleanliness has the highest priority in the food industry and therefore it is necessary to clean the used machines effectively and thoroughly. This makes it possible to produce high quality food. The food industry is a sector that requires comprehensive machine technology that is specially suited for production. These highly effective devices allow the products to be manufactured at a consistently high level of quality at an optimum unit price.

Used machinery for the food industry 02

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Machines for the food industry are quite complex. The packaging machine industry, and the construction of machines required for packaging, specially develop and produce solutions depending on requirements. A modular design is often used. An assembly of components is integrated into the packaging lines for special applications. Conveyor belts and other handling equipment aid these machines. The areas of application include everything from filling up containers with drinks or fluids, up to the packaging of sweets. In the dairy industry, machines and devices are used for the manufacturing of milk, butter, cheese, and yogurt. Next to the production, finished products are packaged and distributed by the delivery department. Modern plants use fully automatic solutions that are monitored by a computer. Corresponding laboratory technology guarantees that the quality remains consistent by using continuous or random sampling and comprehensive evaluation of the required criteria.

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Several companies have specialised in the manufacturing of machines for the food industry. Some of the most recommended suppliers include FISCHER, API SCHMIDT-BRETTEN, APV, INOXPA, CENTEC, MICRODYN-NADIR, GEA WESTFALIA SEPARATOR, NEWTEC, POLYPACK, FANUC, ROBOPAC SISTEMI, NORDSON, ATLAS
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