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The specialist machine for angular drilling in wood materials 3 Items
SIMAL BE1 Chisel mortiser Mortising Machines
Dimensions (l x w x h) approx. 3,100 x 900 x 1,400 mm
Year of manufacture 1976
Weight approx. 400 kg
Item available from Immediately
Delivery terms FCA, loaded on truck
region Perugia Italy, region Perugia
02/07/2021 10:54
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600 €
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FESTO PP Chain chisel Mortising Machines
Dimensions (l x w x h) approx. 750 x 1,000 x 2,000 mm
Weight approx. 200 kg
Item available from immedaitly
Delivery terms FCA Immenstadt im Allgäu, loaded on truck
Immenstadt im Allgäu Germany, 87509 Immenstadt im Allgäu
30/06/2021 14:22
5 Bids
80 €
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LEMMERMANN & CO. Chain Mortiser
ends today!
Dimensions (l x w x h) approx. 1,200 x 900 x 500 mm
Year of manufacture 1951
Weight approx. 50 kg
Item available from immediately
Delivery terms FCA Greifenstein, loaded on truck
Greifenstein Germany, 35753 Greifenstein
23/06/2021 14:16
2 Bids
60 €
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  1. What is a chain mortiser?
  2. How does a chain mortiser work?
  3. Working with a chain mortiser
  4. Buy a chain mortiser from a supplier you can trust
Used mortising machine front view

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A chain mortiser is a woodworking machine — usually made from cast iron — that creates square-shaped holes and recesses in wooden workpieces. In essence, a mortising machine works in a way similar to a chain saw, as it is plunged into wood in order to cut it quickly and accurately. However, a chain mortiser has a straight blade that delivers a wider cut and a square profile. This allows for the cutting of sections away from the edge, which is something a standard chainsaw can’t do.

The main reason why chain mortisers are used instead of other types of mortiser relates to speed. This relatively straightforward woodworking machine works exceptionally quickly, and it is capable of cutting very deep holes. The accurate and efficient processing power delivered is why this particular tool is very popular with woodworking firms. For instance, a stationary chain mortiser is used widely in the mass-production of beams and posts.

10×10 (2018)

A chain mortising machine consists of a stable body and a lifting unit. The mortise machine itself is perpendicular to the lifting unit. The wood moves either longitudinally or transversely, depending on its shape and the nature of the hole required.

  • A chain mortiser is very similar to the chainsaw
  • Chain mortisers are cutting machines
  • Chain mortisers are mainly used in the field of carpentry to create square holes
check1 Quality  check2 Great offers  check3 Personalized The depth of this hole is determined by the scale of the lifting motion. Large, industrial mortisers are used in the mass-production of prefabricated beams and panels, and they are powered in one of three ways: pneumatically, hydraulically or electrically.

Most modern chain mortisers have several adjustment knobs and handles. The whole main assembly can be tilted to the left and the right. In addition, the cutter head can be moved from side to side with a lever. As well as performing the main lunge motion, it is possible to use chain mortisers to make multiple cuts around the same central point. This is necessary when a hole larger than the chain is needed.

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While using chain mortisers can be dangerous, the risk of serious injury when using them properly is very small. Used mortising machine Everyone using a large chain mortiser in a commercial environment should be fully trained on its use, and on the various safety requirements. One of the most dangerous stages involved in the use of these machines involves the feeding of a workpiece. For instance, if the chain is blunt, there is a chance that the workpiece will slant and jam. If this happens, the wood will probably move or vibrate violently, and require the cutting of the power supply and the careful extraction of the workpiece.

The average chain mortiser price is relatively affordable, but smaller firms and solo operators can make significant savings by purchasing a second-hand machine. A chain mortiser in a used condition may have a little wear and tear, but it also has a history of processing workpieces with speed and accuracy, which is something that is not always guaranteed straight away with a new machine.

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Whether you are a one-man operation making wooden frames or the CEO of a large manufacturing business building boats, you can save money by purchasing a used chain mortiser at a free roulette auction. If you can’t find a used chain mortiser for sale right now, keep coming back to check. We are constantly dealing with liquidation auctions and sales for metalworking and woodworking machinery, and new items are becoming available all the time. We often acquire machinery from leading manufacturers such as HAFFNER, RAPID, HARBS and BÄUERLE, and you can be among the first to find out about them by signing up to receive our regular newsletter.

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